Featured Artist Whitney Mitchell Wirtz

Art by Whitney Mitchell Wirtz


A local Santa Cruz Artist and Interior Designer, Whitney works from her home art studio in the Pleasure Point area. She has been drawing & painting since early youth and studied art at Cabrillo College. She went on to receive an Associate of Arts in Design and Humanities & a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design / Design Management. After taking an extended absence from painting for over a decade, she renewed her passion for painting in 2015. It started with a small special request commission and she hasn’t been able to stop painting since. She says she now knows that “painting is not just something I do, but rather an extension of myself”.

The recent series of abstracted works focus on the beauty & strength of the ocean and the ethereal & atmospheric qualities of the coastal environment. The painting process itself varies “it sometimes starts with a plan but frequently it’s an undefinable feeling. The art has a direction and a life of its own on the canvas. It’s an adventure every time I pick up the brush. My goal, however, is for you to look into the painting and find where it will lead you. I believe art should be more than a visual notion, I want it to be an experience”.

Her inspirations include water, the natural world, contrasts of light and shadow, beautiful color, organic detail & the geological diversity of the California coast. She is the founder and owner at Whitney Design Studios where she continues to make art an essential part of her everyday life.


Contact info: wdstudios.sc@gmail.com

 Website:  WhitneyDesignStudios