Hair Terminology

We believe in working with the natural fall and texture of the hair to create a long-lasting cut that flatters each person’s individual face shape & personal style. Our passion for hair styling on not only getting the look but keeping it by working with what you have or we can add!

At Click Click Bang we encourage coming in for a free 15 minute consultation. This way we can assess your hair, its needs and your desires. Everyone’s hair is different, as is everyone’s personal style. We take the time to really look at what should be done, so that we have a clear vision of what changes we’ll be making. With that we can give an accurate price quote and book the appropriate amount of time for your appointment. Consultations are always free, with no obligation to book an appointment. Come in and see what changes might be best for you!

Hair Terminology:
*Something to note: When changing your hair to a different color, it is common for this process to take more than one appointment before achieving that final desired look.

  • Balayage
    An application technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. Usually but not always leaving your roots natural.


  • Ombre
    A word to describe a style not an application. Easily mixed up with  Balyage technique. It is when a color gradually blends from one color hue to another. Typically moving from dark to light. It is best to ask your stylist which method he or she believes would be the best to achieve your desired look.


  • Babylights
    Baby lights are very delicate, highlights created using a very fine color technique to mimic that blonde hue achieved if your hair is naturally lightened in the sun.


  • Highlights
    Using foil or paper to individually highlight small sections of hair in order to add dimensions and break up all over color. This application can be used to add lighter or darker strands to hair. Also known as, low-lights.


  • Bleach and Tone
    This is a double process color. First your hair is lightened, then color or toner is added to the newly lightened sections.


  • Color Correction
    This is a service that could be booked to achieve many different outcomes. Often it is a hair color gone wrong, that you need to correct. It could be used on someone who wants to go from dark to light or vice versa. This service can also be booked for someone trying to achieve a dramatic change, requiring multiple processes.