Jacquie Olimpio- Kevin Murphy Session #1!

Kevin Murphy Session #1!

Unlike any other product knowledge class, Kevin Murphy’s session salon training started off with dramatic cinematography, evoking the creative moods and vulnerability only a passionate artist can relate to. As a stylist for nearly twenty years, I’ve seen not only hairstyle and product trends change and evolve, but the moral and ethical values of our clients and our community.

We live in a community where global wellness is the fiber in the fabric of our daily choices. We choose local organic foods to eat and support local businesses and organizations, we choose alternative forms of transportation and recycle and compost nearly everything. We use those reusable bags. With the mantra, “passion, performance, environment,” His brand means beauty with an eco conscious condition and they do exactly what they are intended to. The Kevin Murphy brand parallels our community’s very core values.

It’s hard not to support a company that creates square bottles so as to limit packaging while shipping—Square with a purpose. The company has signed and committed to use 100% recycled plastics harvested from the ocean’s trash islands for all future packaging! The company is committed to establishing relationships with small farms in order to support them and not large scale companies.

The substantial difference between Kevin Murphy products and the stuff you find at a health foods store is the fashion forward performance. I am confident in knowing that the products I recommend will not only yield the desired fashionable result, but the ingredients specifically selected to treat the hair from the inside out leaving it better than its starting point.

Needless to say, Illustrating his passion for eco consciousness, global wellness and beauty, Kevin Murphy won me over again.

I look forward to continuing in this session and learning and sharing my passion for hair and all things beauty.