Kevin Murphy Session Class

Kevin Murphy Session Class


Working as a stylist at Click Click Bang Salon in the growing small town of Santa Cruz, California, I am honored to be hand selected to become the first Kevin Murphy Sessions Stylist in the county. My team and I in the salon have taken many intensive classes, however none that have excited me more than this sessions training. On Monday March 19th, I began my first session.

I was able to meet the other stylists that were chosen from the Northern California region. We were all mutually excited to be a part of this journey together. Over the next year, I will have three more session trainings that I will need to complete until I am an official Kevin.Murphy.Session.Stylist. I will remain in the same group of stylists for the rest of my trainings. We will all work together as a team, to learn new Kevin Murphy extensive product knowledge, the newest and hottest styles and trends.

The hope is that we will use our new found knowledge back in our own salons, as well as educate our team and co-workers.The first session consisted of step by step product knowledge. We went through each product individually to learn what exactly the product is made for, what it’s made of, and exactly what hair type to use the product. Even though I have already been using the Kevin Murphy line on a daily basis in the salon, I always seem to learn something new and interesting when working with the educators of Kevin Murphy.
Something that stuck with me was how much Kevin Murphy himself cares about the environment and the planet. He ensures that all packaging, ingredients, and waste is beneficial for the client, as well as the
environment. He is even conscious as to what happens when the product goes down the drain. Additionally, products are never tested on animals, as they are cruelty free, 100% sulfate free, paraben free, and vegan! In my experience in the beauty industry, I haven’t come across ANY lines that can truly say the same about their products and packaging. Even with all of the restrictions and rules about ingredients, Kevin Murphy still manages to make your hair look, feel, and smell amazing!
One of the most important takeaways from the session was the educator’s emphasis on consultations. We went over how important it is as a stylist to have a very strong consultation with your client. Regardless of if he/she is a new or old client, before beginning any service, you must make sure you and the client are on the same page. This goes for any stage in a stylist’s career, from assistant to senior stylists. I have learned over time in my career that a strong consultation will help you and your client have a strong understanding of the service you are preforming, the out come, and what is expected for future appointments. I was happy that the educators went over this subject and I am excited to take away new key points from my first class.
In each of the four Kevin Murphy Sessions, I will be learning something new and different. This first session was definitely an intense overview of the whole line and a meet and greet with the other selected session stylists. I am looking forward to my next session at end of April, where I will be learning different ways to work with the line and will have hands on training with exclusive new Session Styles, using the Kevin Murphy sewing kit.The sewing kit is used for elegant styles such as up dos or soft organic styles. It will be perfect timing since wedding season is right around the corner. I am so excited to be continuing my education with Kevin Murphy and be able to help my personal salon team in their product knowledge. Eventually all of the stylists at Click Click Bang will be
Session Stylists, and we will be a Kevin Murphy Session Salon, ready to take over Santa Cruz!

– Kala Kimberly