hair trends 2018

Latest Hair Trends for 2018

Time flies! We are ready to take on this new year, starting off with a trend that everyone can get on board with. As a hair salon, we are always excited when our clients want to switch up their look. This year, subtlety is in!


Our clients are looking for a more natural look with roots and baby-lights. Everyone likes low maintenance, so we are focusing on a beachy style with warm and rich tones that work for any hair type. Styled with some texture and volume, and you’re set.

hair trends 2018

This is the new and improved balayage/ombre. Bringing the blonde up higher, while flawlessly blending your roots and eliminating the line of demarcation.


Some of our favorite products to match this new style are:

R+Cos Rockaway and Trophy. Rockaway is a finishing salt spray that adds volume and texture, while Trophy will give you a similar textured look with some added shine to your wet or dry hair.

R + Co at click click bang santa cruz

kevin murphy powder puff at click click bang santa cruz

Kevin Murphy’s Powederpuff is volumizing powder that you can put right on your roots. Antigravity is another fan favorite that adds a little hold when styling, while also providing a heat protectant and the perfect amount of volume.

kevin murphy powder puff at click click bang santa cruz

Kevin Murphy at click click bang santa cruz


ALSO Check back for coming soon: R+Cos Newest Products

Keep an eye out! Next month we will have some new additions

R+Co is launching some awesome must haves.

Television Perfect Shampoo + Conditioner: body, shine, strengthening, softening + smoothing

Acid Wash ACV Cleansing Rinse: cleanse without stripping away natural oils or color; softens the hair, calms the scalp and adds dramatic shine

Dart Pomade Stick: creates a perfectly detailed textured look