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Why you should purchase your hair products at the salon and not the drugstore or online…

Why you should purchase your hair products at the salon and not the drugstore or online…

The temptation is ever present for anyone on a budget, to try to find a deal. When asked what our clients use on their hair at home, we often hear about cheap or knock off products from CVS or Amazon. Thankfully, clients are becoming more aware, are many articles have been popping up about the scams of the “gray market” in hair care, and the reason why your stylists will never recommend skimping on your hair. We always recommend our clients to do their research before purchasing something outside of the salon.


Ever wonder why the products you are finding outside of the salon are cheaper? They lack the quality ingredients that are used in professional grade products, and use fillers instead. These fillers end up deteriorating the longevity of your hair. They tend to strip your color, and the necessary oils. In addition, cheaper products tend to coat the hair instead of penetrating the cuticle with beneficial ingredients for repair. Lastly, some products are not kept at the proper temperatures in warehouses, which can result in bacteria and further damage when used.


We back our product lines KEVIN.MURPHY, and R+Co because they use natural ingredients that better your hair. These companies provide treatment lines that target the most common issues most people face with their hair. Our products are tailored to each client’s individual need. The longer you use them, the more healing your hair does. Everyone’s hair can benefit from a little extra nourishment, we love suggesting the right products for our clients, and enjoy seeing the results.